Barbara Boxer on National News Council ruling

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KPIX-TV news footage from December 7 1978 featuring brief scenes from a press conference by Marin County Supervisor Barbara Boxer, who comments on a ruling by the National News Council over a complaint she made over a NBC News special about Marin County titled I Want It All Now!, with Edwin Newman and produced by Joe DeCola. This special program was broadcast in the Bay Area by NBC affiliate KRON-TV on Thursday 19 July and sparked controversy over it's portrayal of life in Marin. Boxer states: "I couldn't be more pleased today. I feel that the council has vindicated my complaint. I feel that it is a moral victory for us in Marin County here. We're not simply a bunch of hedonists who sit around in hot tubs. We have productive lives. And I believe the council has pointed this out." At it's sixth annual meeting, the National News Council found that some of the scenes in NBC's documentary were staged, such as the opening scene in which a woman is stroked with peacock feathers by two naked men. The council found that scene was actually shot in San Francisco. They also charactierized the NBC special as "journalistically flawed." Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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