Interview with M. Justin Herman about Formosa junket flight

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KPIX-TV news footage from August 12 1970 with Ch.5 reporter Dave Monsees featuring scenes from an interview with the Head of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency M. Justin Herman. California's Deputy Attorney General George J. Roth has just ruled that Herman violated the State Constitution when he accepted a free China Airlines flight to Formosa on February 29 1970. Herman expresses his opinion that this is: "A strange interpretation of an archaic Law" and emphasizes: "I rest extremely comfortable in a very, very clear conscience." Herman was both Director and Treasurer of the Redevelopment Agency and claims he was on a publicly announced mission to collect objects for San Francisco's new Chinese Cultural and trade Center on Kearny Street. Herman will only be removed from his position if someone takes this case to court and also tells Monsees he isn't worried about losing his job because if that happened: "I've been a fortunate person, I've always managed to find some interesting work to do and I'm not fearful of losing this one. And should I be in error, I'm not in doubt about finding something that I'll enjoy doing that will be useful." Note that Roth's ruling on this issue was made at the request of Assemblyman John L. Burton. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

16mm color positive magnetic sound film
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local newsfilm
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KPIX 102910

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