Wanda Ramey Interviews Governor Pat Brown (1962)

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KPIX-TV news footage from 1962 featuring scenes of Wanda Ramey interviewing incumbent Governor of California Pat Brown in San Francisco, who is campaigning for re-election. We have no record on the specific date this interview took place in San Francisco (Saints Peter and Paul Church in North Beach can be seen in the background, over Brown's shoulder) but it must have been before June 5 1962, as Brown is asked to describe his pontential Repulican opponents and he talks about Richard Nixon, Joseph C. Shell and Harold "Butch" Powers. Nixon won the Republican primary on June 5. Brown assumes that Nixon will run a "dirty campaign" and claims: "He [Nixon] cannot help but steer away from the issues and just use vituperative adjectives and try to dig up dirt on someone." He resolves that: "I intend to stand on my record ... but I intend to meet fire with fire," going on to characterize himself as a "moderate" politician, who thinks this will appeal to Republican moderates. He also touches on: the budget; state revenue; property taxes; economic growth; Earl Warren; Harold "Butch" Powers and the endorsement of President John F. Kennedy. Note that Brown went onto to win the November 5 election taking 51% of the vote, prompting a defeated Richard Nixon to (prematurely) declare his intention to retire from politics... Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

16mm b&w positive magnetic sound film
Digital Format
mp4 file
local newsfilm
Copyright Holder
KPIX 14187

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