Treasure Island

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A KPIX-TV documentary from 1962, part of their Peabody Award winning San Francisco Pageant Series about the history of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Narrated by Art Linkletter, this film describes how the Golden Gate International Exposition World's Fair was celebrated on the 403-acre construction of Treasure Island between February 18, 1939 through October 29, 1939 and again from May 25, 1940 through September 29, 1940. Includes scenes featuring: the dredging and construction of Treasure Island on the Yerba Buena shoals; views of the public and dignitaries enjoying the fair's multitudionous attractions; world events affecting the exposition (such as the outbreak of World War II) and the closing ceremony. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

This documentary was written by Marvin Hall, with historical film courtesy of Frank Kugelberg and Oliver Applegate, cinematography was by Dick Williams, photos courtesy of Ted Huggins, the San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Public Library, editing by Richard Scott, produced by Caryl Coleman and the executive producer was Ray Hubbard

The film elements were kindly donated to us by Gary Caldwell, the son of KPIX director and producer David N. Caldwell, in May 2022.

This 16mm film print was remastered in 4K (4096 x 2970) using a Lasergraphics ScanStation film scanner, in May 2022. Film shrinkage was measured in May 2022 at 0.2%. 

16mm b&w print, with optical soundtrack
Digital Format
mp4 video file
Special interest
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KPIX 147418

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