Ron Magers Electric Impressions - Magers Magic Machine

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A special edition of KPIX-TV's Ron Magers Electric Impressions - Magers Magic Machine, which first aired on August 8, 1970, reflecting on the history of rock and roll which is referred to as "music of the future." Includes scenes featuring: Bill Haley & His Comets; KPIX's Rock n Rally with Dick Crest from St. Ignatius school in San Francisco; Chubby Checker playing at the Sahara Tahoe in Sateline, NV; Dave and Ginny playing folk music; The Beatles playing their last live gig to a paying audience at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on August 29, 1966 and the Association recording tracks for an LP. Ends with Magers speculating on the future of what will effectively become the music video industry and also views of him setting up a TV monitor with surround sound audio equipment. This program was produced by David N. Caldwell.

Note: we omitted a segment featuring The Beatles playing 'Hey Jude' taken from The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour which aired on October 6, 1968 (and which aired in the UK a month earlier on Frost).

This 3/4-inch Umatic videtape dub was kindly donated to us by Gary Caldwell, the son of KPIX director and producer David N. Caldwell in 2022. Thanks to the Bay Area Video Coalition's Preservation team for digitzing the tape media for us.

3/4-inch Umatic videotape
Digital Format
mp4 video file
Special interest
Copyright Holder
KPIX 147421

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