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Robert Kennedy Assassinated, Part II

KTVU news footage from 1968 featuring scenes from Robert Kennedy's Presidential...

Aired: 1968

Robert Kennedy Assassinated, Part I

KTVU news footage (mostly silent) from June 1968 featuring the assassination of Robert...

Aired: June 1968

Jesse Unruh on Sirhan Sirhan's death penalty verdict

KPIX-TV news footage from April 24th 1969 featuring brief scenes of Ch.5 reporter...

Aired: 4/24/1969

Evelle J. Younger Press Conference on Squeaky Fromme

KPIX News footage from September 8th 1975 featuring brief scenes from a press...

Aired: 9/8/1975

Coretta King on the shooting of George Wallace

KRON News footage from May 17th 1972 featuring brief scenes of Art Brown interviewing...

Aired: 5/17/1972

Milk & Moscone: Assassination at City Hall

KRON-TV special report from 2003, narrated by Belva Davis, examining events...

Aired: 2003