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Assignment Four - The People & The Police: Oakland

A KRON-TV Assignment Four documentary report from 1974, narrated by Paul Ryan, looking...

Aired: 1974

White Panthers meet police

KPIX Eyewitness news report from June 16th, 1976 on a workshop with the White Panthers...

Aired: 6/16/1976

Eldridge Cleaver Released From Vacaville

KRON-TV news footage from June 12th 1968 featuring a press conference with the Black...

Aired: 6/12/1968

White Night Riots at City Hall I

KQED News report from San Francisco's City Hall on May 21st 1979, featuring the...

Aired: 5/21/1979

White Night Riot Aftermath VI

KQED News report by Randy Shilts from May 21st & 22nd 1979 on the White Night...

Aired: 5/22/1979

White Night Riot Aftermath V

KQED News report from May 22nd 1979, on the aftermath of the White Night Riots in San...

Aired: 5/22/1979