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Senator Robert Kennedy Visits Hunters Point

KTVU news footage from May 10th 1967 featuring scenes of US Senators Robert Kennedy...

Aired: 5/10/1967

Hunters Point Redevelopment: Public Testimony at City Hall

KPIX Eyewitness News report from January 13th 1969 by Dave Monsees featuring a public...

Aired: 1/13/1969

Press Conference on Unity Symbol for Bayview Community

KRON-TV news footage from July 27th 1966 featuring scenes from a press conference...

Aired: 7/27/1966

Interview with Harold Brooks at Bayview Community Center

KTVU News report by Carlton Cordell from c1967 in San Francisco featuring an interview...

Aired: c1967

Debts May Close Bayview Community Center

KPIX Eyewitness News report from June 19th 1967 in San Francisco by Belva Davis...

Aired: 6/19/1967

Bayview Community Center Eviction

KRON News footage from June 19th 1967 featuring a report on how financial difficulties...

Aired: 6/19/1967