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Demonstration At The Iranian Consulate (1967)

KPIX news footage from October 26th 1967 featuring scenes from a large and...

Aired: 10/26/1967

Iranian Students Picketing (1961)

KPIX News footage from September 6th 1961 featuring brief views of Iranian students...

Aired: 9/6/1961

Iranian Student Convention at Oakland Auditorium (1978)

KPIX News report from December 26th 1978 with Ben Williams, featuring views from an...

Aired: 12/26/1978

New Iranian Consulate Opens At Embarcedero Center

KPIX News report from January 27th 1972 with Belva Davis featuring scenes from an open...

Aired: 1/27/1972

Iranian Teachers Rally in Tehran

Newsfilm footage from May 2nd 1961 found in the KPIX Collection featuring brief scenes...

Aired: 5/2/1961

Shah of Iran Visits San Francisco (1958)

KPIX News footage from June 22nd 1958 featuring silent views of Shah Muhammad Reza...

Aired: 6/22/58