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Black Panthers Rally At Alameda County Courthouse

KRON-TV news footage from July 16th 1968 with reporter Gordon Graham featuring scenes...

Aired: 7/16/1968

Walter Newton Press Conference

KRON-TV news footage from September 12th 1968 at the Alameda County Courthouse in...

Aired: 9/12/1968

Shooting of Oakland police officer John Frey

KPIX Eyewitness news report by Ben Williams taken on October 28th, 1967 about the...

Aired: 10/28/67

Rally for Huey P. Newton

KPIX news footage from November 10th, 1967 featuring a press conference and rally for...

Aired: 11/10/67

Huey P. Newton On Racist Court System

KRON-TV news footage from July 17th 1968 with reporter Art Brown featuring an...

Aired: 7/17/1968

Edward M. Keating on the Huey Newton Trial

KTVU News footage from August 1968 with Carlton Cordell reporting from Oakland on the...

Aired: August 1968