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Open Line: Silverman Closes San Francisco's Bathhouses

An episode of KTVU's Open Line program from September 23rd 1984 produced and...

Aired: 9/23/1984

Newseyes: A Day in the Life of TV Newscameraman - Craig Scheiner

KTVU special interest short film from the early 1970s by Gene Pepi, looking at the...

Aired: early 1970s

Johnny Barnes Selvin - Biography

A brief summary written by Johnny Barnes Selvin in April 2016 about her...

Aired: April 2016

Open Line: U.S. Prostitutes Collective

An episode of KTVU's Open Line program from 1983 produced and hosted by Johnny...

Aired: 1983

African American models picket Channel 2

KTVU News footage from September 1968 featuring views of African American models...

Aired: September 1968

Happy 9th Anniversary KTVU

KTVU News footage from March 1967 featuring brief, silent views of KTVU staff...

Aired: March 1967