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Women CHP Officers at Graduation Ceremony (1976)

KRON-TV news footage from June 18 1976 with reporter Melba Beals featuring scenes...

Aired: 6/18/1976

Chicana women's rights

KQED News report from September 14th 1973, featuring interviews with Chicana women in...

Aired: 9/14/73

Women Organized For Employment (WOE) Protest at Levinson Bros

KPIX-TV news footage from February 2nd 1978 featuring scenes of protesters from Women...

Aired: 2/2/1978

Women's liberation demonstration

KQED News report featuring a march and demonstration in support of women's rights...

Aired: 8/26/70

Report from inside Women's Jail

KQED News report from February 2nd 1972 featuring interviews with inmates at a...

Aired: 2/2/1972

Protesting karate classes at UC Berkeley

KQED News report on student protests at UC Berkeley against a men only self defense...

Aired: 1/13/70