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This Week with David Brinkley

ABC News This Week with David Brinkley, with Sam Donaldson substituting for David...

Aired: 1988-06-05

Budget News Clips with Speaker Willie L. Brown, Jr., Governor George Deukmejian, and Senator David Roberti.

KCRA news report featuring live message by Governor George Deukmejian regarding the...

Aired: 1983-07-05

Speaker Willie L. Brown, Jr. Media Coverage, December 12-20, 1990

Compilation of television news reports including: KGO news report relating to the...

Aired: 1990

Budget Battle with Speaker Willie L. Brown, Jr. and Governor George Deukmejian

Compilation of KCRA and KOVR news reports relating to the California budget featuring...

Aired: 1983-02-09