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Harvey Milk Campaigns For State Assembly

KPIX-TV news fotoage from 1976 featuring scenes from an interview with Harvey Milk...

Aired: c1976

This Week with David Brinkley

ABC News This Week with David Brinkley, with Sam Donaldson substituting for David...

Aired: 1988-06-05

Speaker Willie L. Brown, Jr. Interviews and Profiles

Compilation of KRON, CBS, and ABC news reports relating to "Oh, What a...

Aired: 1984

Willie L. Brown, Jr. Campaign Presentation: Democratic Assembly Candidates

Willie Brown campaign presentation. Features campaign videos for 1992 Democratic...

Aired: 1992

Speaker Willie L. Brown, Jr. Campaign Shorts

Selection of campaign videos for Speaker Willie L. Brown, Jr.

Aired: 1988

KRON-TV Studio Covers 1966 California Elections

KRON-TV footage from November 9th 1966 featuring behind the scenes shots from the...

Aired: 11/9/66

Charlene Mitchell on 1968 Presidential Election Laws

KTVU News footage from July 16th 1968 featuring a press conference with Charlene...

Aired: 7/16/1968

KPIX Elections Computer

KPIX Eyewitness News report by Rollin Post from the Fireman's Fund...

Aired: 11/4/68