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About San Francisco State University Museum Collection

San Francisco State University is home to the unique Museum of Ancient Civilizations located in the Humanities Building and operated by the Museum Studies Program students.  The museum, which opened in 1994 but has exhibited since 1974, houses a collection of diverse antiquities representative of the pivotal ancient societies of Egypt, Greece, and Rome.  The main Sutro Egyptian Collection contains a large variety of artifacts ranging from tools to decorative items to mummified remains from different areas of Ancient Egypt.  Other collections, such as the Lindgren Coin and Bourne, provide insight into ancient Greek and Roman commerce and politics through coins and pottery.  The collection as a whole demonstrates the interconnectedness and unique relationships that occurred amongst these powerful societies. The Museum's six sub-collections and the entirety of its artifacts are exhibited here in full and allow visitors to further their research and interest into the multifaceted cultures of the ancient past. (more)


Number of items in DIVA: 1423


Amarna Statuette Collection

The collection, donated by the Mansoor and Ward families, includes pink limestone statuettes of pharaohs and royal family members.

Bourne Collection

The Bourne Family Collection includes prime examples of Roman pottery from Tunisia.

California Academy of Sciences Anthropology Collection

The collection includes a diverse array of materials used in ancient Egyptian food technology and was originally part of the Reitz Collection at the California Academy of Sciences.

Photography Collection

The Photography Collection includes photos taken in the early 1920s of various Roman ruins throughout areas of northern Africa.  The ruins include Roman baths, temples, and city structures.

Sutro Egyptian Collection

The Sutro Collection was originally created by former San Francisco Mayor Adolph Sutro and was housed in his museum at the former Sutro Baths in the Sunset district of San Francisco.  The collection includes over 1,000 artifacts from ancient Egypt, dating all the way from the pre-dynastic era to the Roman period.  It includes...

Lindgren Coin Collection

The collection was donated by SFSU Emeritus Professor of Classics Henry Clay Lindgren.  It includes over 500 ancient Greek and Roman coins as well as others.