Third World Liberation Front: Notice of Demands [pg.1]

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A document addressing the demands of the Third World Liberation Front from the Administration and Trustees of San Francisco State College.

Created by
Third World Liberation Front
San Francisco State College
San Francisco, CA
Special Collections, San Francisco State University

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Ah memories. I brought the first contingent of white students from Merritt College to help 'man' the picket lines at the beginning of the Fall semester at all main campus entrances to UC Berkeley. In the first 30 days of the TWLF strike no white Cal students joined us so, as head of SDS at Merritt, I fetched volunteers. In the Spring semester I helped organize takeovers of Dwinelle, etc and was injured during the melee on the grass lawns of Sproul, protecting Jaime Soliz (CSU president) who was permanently paralyzed during the police attack -- all on film (look for the large black woman hitting back with her umbrella). -- mls

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