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Mahmoud Zoufonoun (Jan 1st, 1920 - Oct 17th, 2013) held an unparalled position in 20th century Persian traditional music, for he not only was a major figure on violin and tar during the golden era of Iran's National Radio and Television (1940's - 60's) - performing, conducting, arranging, and archiving melodies from every region of the country - but was also a primary force in the development of musical education, collaborating with pioneers Abol Hassan Saba, Ruhollah Khaleghi and others, in order to expand and transmit materials related to the radifs, pedagogical repertoires of traditional music learned in order to create within the Persian modal system, called dastgah (for further information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Zoufonoun). (more)

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Dastgāh-e Mahur

Mahmoud Zoufonoun’s transcriptions from his personal collection of dastgah material are presented here in the very same order as they were transmitted to Dr. Modirzadeh, in Redwood City and San Jose, CA, during the Spring of 1983.  As Mr. Zoufonoun continually added to his repertoire – rendering a collection that is as...



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