Bob Wells Released from Prison

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from July 1st 1974 by Belva Davis, featuring Wesley Robert 'Bob' Wells release from the California Medical Facility at Vacaville. Includes scenes of Wells with his lawyers Charles Garry and Leo Branton, being interviewed by the press and leaving in a chauffer driven Rolls Royce. It is worth noting that in his 1978 memoir 'Streetfighter in the Courtroom', Garry referred to Wells as "the first Black Panther." The Black Panthers, the Delancey Street Foundation and Willie Brown had also helped to secure Wells release. At one point during his incarceration Wells had served the most time of any inmate in the California penal system. Wells lived the rest of his life at the Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco, till he passed away in early 1976. See film reference number KPIX 118285, for an interview with Wells at the Delancey Street Foundation on July 2nd.

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archival newsfilm
16mm color, magnetic sound film
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KPIX 118254

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Great to see this clip and to not only see Bob, but my old friends Jack Behan and Tommy Grapshi(In that order). I knew Bob while we were both in Delancey Street. He kicked my butt repeatedly at the game of chess. In my defense, he did have 46 years to perfect his game. Jack today, 1/3/2014 is in Delancey's New Mexico facility and Tommy is at the Bruster, N.Y. facility. 

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