Bob Wells at the Delancey Street Foundation

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KPIX Eyewitness News report from July 2nd 1974 by Belva Davis at the Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco, featuring an interview with Wesley Robert 'Bob' Wells, who was just released from prison yesterday. When asked how freedom compares to being in prison Wells comments: "You know what impressed me most stronger than anything is the fact that I notice ... the people out here shows no more respect for their fellow man than those inside ... The only place that I see anyone showing any respect for their fellow man is right here at the Delancey Street Foundation and that's the truth ... What I've seen going on, I said the world is crazy." It is worth noting that in his 1978 memoir 'Streetfighter in the Courtroom', Garry referred to Wells as "the first Black Panther." The Black Panthers, the Delancy Street Foundation and Willie Brown had also helped to secure Wells release. At one point during his incarceration Wells had served the most time of any inmate in the California penal system. Wells lived the rest of his life at the Delancey Street Foundation in Berkeley, till he passed away in early 1976. See newsfilm reference KPIX 118254, for scenes of Wells being released from Vacaville on July 1st.

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archival newsfilm
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KPIX 118285

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More memories seeing Bob and Jack at the Union Street restaurant. This was July 1974 and I had just entered Delancey Street April of that year. Bob and Charlie Brown in front of the U.A.R. (United Arab Consulate building we were renting) and my old friend Les Wisler (Exiting building in grey suit jacket). Les overdosed two years after graduating the foundation. 

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