Public Hearing in Bayview Hunters Point with Robert Kennedy

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KQED special report from May 10th 1967 featuring extended scenes from a public U.S Senate Committee hearing about the relative impact of the Federal Poverty Program on Bay Area communities, at the Bayview Community Center on Third Street in San Francisco. Featuring testimony by representatives of Bayview Hunters Point, the Western Addition and West Oakland neighborhoods including: Osceola Washington; Ruth Williams; Harold Brooks; Suzanne Cook and Audrey Smith. Note that the auditorium loudspeakers and (especially) lighting vary wildly throughout this footage, as competing groups of media try to get the best recording or shots for themselves. Mr. Williams describes how redevelopment is affecting residents of West Oakland and refers to a television news report from the day before, showing a woman being evicted by BART District (41:37 into the clip). This Ch.5 KPIX report can also be viewed in DIVA. At one point, a frustrated Senator Joseph S. Clark states: "I understand the television crews have taken all the plugs ... I guess we're sort of at the mercy of the media." The panel of three U.S. Senators - Clark, George Murphy and Robert Kennedy also hears comments from a representative of the Latino community in Oakland. Ends with a press conference by Senators Clark and Kennedy, silent views of reporters driving and walking around the Hunters Point neighborhood and with brief views of the entrance to the Bayview Opera House. Opening graphic designed by Carrie Hawks.

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local newsfilm
16mm b&w silent & magnetic sound film
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KQ 206

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