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Hello. I am a student who is doing a History Fair at my school. It would be appreciated if I could perhaps use this documentary in my project. We aren't really allowed to do anything without citing the source, so of course, I wouldn't use it if it wasn't allowed, but it would be a big help if I could. Thanks!

LGBT is not crime, but the people perspective about love and emotional to each other.We was create this topic to comfort the danger zone of lgbt in our platform news berita kriminal section.

A few from the TV audience even wondered if any were ever in a mental institution and thought all homosexuals back then should be behind locked doors and institutionalized, like the mentally retarded. 

I Post a content about eplanation of their Mentality between Act and Emotional in here 

Yes the audio quality is horrible. Probably a kinescope - filmed TV. No videotape yet. Anyway it would have been far better originally.

The clinical, attempted analytical and objective rather than just dismissive viewpoint, but coming from a very hetero normative place, is certainly different from today. For most people, and of course far more typically among younger people, its well, yeah, some people are gay. Some of their friends were out or came out as gay in high school. Gays in the military? Sure, whatever, why not? What's the big deal anyway?

Of course the fundamentlist etc. people are digging in their heels and making a big fuss, but their days are dwindling.

This was done in 1961. It represents the sled pushing to the edge of the hill, just before starting the ride down. It's a different world today, at least in Western and similar countries. Unfortunately in a lot of the rest it's still the year 900. 

the video is a very interesting and useful document

Truly fascinating and remarkably sympathetic!  What a wonderful hour of television.  Amazing to hear us still having the same debate over 50 years later.  

It's great this historic film has been found, but I'm surprised the audio quality is so bad. Isn't there some digital magic that can be done to clean up the sound? If not how about subtitles? When I turn it up loud enough to hear I get a lot of vibration in my speakers. It's completely annoying.

They had a panel of "avowed" male homosexuals.....incognito, in masks, voices distorted in the mid 1960's. They were all petrified of being revealed and it were as if they were convicted criminals, perverts, pedophiles and lunatics ! Male gays were seen as the biggest threat to society back then. Lesbians were basically ignored but also labeled sick, disturbed and just in need of a good dick ! A few from the TV audience even wondered if any were ever in a mental institution and thought all homosexuals back then should be behind locked doors and institutionalized, like the mentally retarded. Why ? Because they were a threat to "normal" people, children and society. This was met with tacit approval by most audience members and the panel. Can you imagine being a gay person back then and having to live in that vile pressure cooker of hate, ignorance, paranoia, mass-hysteria, misinformation and homophobia ? Is it any wonder most homosexuals either committed suicide, became raging alcoholics or joined the priesthood ?

This rare, historical broadcast is important because it gives so many fascinating views into the knowledge, culture, and superstitions of mid-20th century America.  The credits, along with the imitation "Twilight Zone" musical theme, adroitly convey the mystery, suspense, agony, and fear that so many people suffered, in silence, for so long.

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