Rock N Rally (with Dick Crest)

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Please note: the sound elements for this 16mm film clip were not available. Silent episode of KPIX-TV's Rock N Rally show from May 24th 1959, presented by Dick Crest. Features scenes of teenagers dancing in the studio and Crest interviewing people.

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16mm b&w silent film
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KPIX 146817

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Dear LynnThanks for your comment on our DIVA clip showing silent footage of Dick Crest hosting KPIX's show Rock N Rally: was identified in this clip by his wife Robin in 2010 (also by his son Scott) and the footage was used at the wake, when Dick Crest passed away. You are correct in pointing out that it was Dick Stewart who hosted Dance Party but this clip you posted your message to is identified as being Rock N Rally, a different KPIX show. We do have one clip of Dance Party (below): wanted to acknowledge your comment and thank you for your interest. I was unable to use the email address posted for your comment.

Dick Crest was not the host of KPIX Channel 5 Dance Party (the West Coast version of American Band Stand with Dick Clark).  The host of Dance Party was Dick Stuart.  Dick Crest was the band teacher at College of San Mateo, as well as having his own own band The Dick Crest Band.  

I appeared several times on Dance Party, Dick Stuart was the host.  I also worked for Dick Crest through CSM for his own band in 1964-65.  Dick Crest “presented” (not host Dance Party)  the May 24, 1959 Rock N’ Rally on KPIX-TV ch 5.  Dick Crest was a wonderful guy, and loved by everyone who knew him.

This is my grandpa!!! Dick Crest was my dads dad. I miss him dearly but being able to see this video of him is amazing! Thank you!

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