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DIVA is an open digital archive of collections that unlocks previously hidden resources from faculty and community partners, making them available to the teaching and learning community at SF State and beyond.

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HIGHLIGHTS FROM DIVA - 1906 Earthquake Anniversary

108 years ago, on the morning of April 18th, a great earthquake occurred along the San Andreas Fault with an epicenter near the city of San Francisco.  The damage was only increased by the uncontrollable fires that were ignited during the quake, seen here, which burned for over three days.  The city was left in a catastrophic state with irreparable structures, environmental hazards, displacement, and devastating death tolls.  Fortunately, for the benefit of history, the disaster was one of the first to be recorded in photographs, some of which can be seen in the CSU World Image Archive on DIVA.  DIVA's San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive also hosts a riveting documentary, Disaster at Dawn, that tells the complete story of the event through personal narratives, photos, and film archives.  The strife and hardship encountered during the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake, however, soon paled in comparison to the hope and dedication seen in the citizens of San Francisco as they said goodbye to the city they knew and worked toward welcoming the remarkable metropolis we see today.


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Highlights from DIVA - Cesar Chavez